In Memory of the Sweetest Sister, Loretta Lynn Barley



It is with deepest sadness that I must inform you that my dear big sister Loretta Lynn Barley was granted her angel wings on December 1st, 2011. She was 33 Years old, soon to be 34 this December 22nd. Pneumonia may have took her, but god now embraces her.

Lori Lynn was the rock of our family. She was a joyous girl. She had down-syndrome, but this did not stop Lori from making a major impact in the lives of many. She succeeded in school, went to prom, participated in special Olympics, and graduated from High School in 1997. 

She was a jubilant sister. She loved music, drawing, board games and crosswords. She enjoyed watching her favorite television show, Days of Our Lives. Lori was a cheery and bright girl who never complained and always had something to give.

I love my big sister. My heart dropped and a river of tears began to flow when I received the call at 4:33am on December 1st that the my best friend and sister had passed away. I no longer live close to home, and had not seen her in a while before her passing. My heart still aches at the fact that I will never see my joyous, happy, and cheery sister ever again. No longer will I be able to go to her for a smile, laugh or giggle. No longer will I be able to play games, watch movies or listen to music with her.

Although my heart in full of woe, I understand that she is no longer in pain, and is in a much better place. I imagine her kind smile, and contagious giggle looking down on all of us as she listens to music, eats snacks and goodies, and dances to her favorite songs. It is comforting to know she is at peace.


I love you Loretta Lynn Barley. Your little sister and family miss you very much! Hope you are enjoying heaven! ❤ 



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