My sad realization that I have no money, and alot of talent.

ImageYup, this is just me…painting, on a paper plate as a palette. My name is Ashley Henry and I am a Pittsburgh area artist. I am poor, unemployed and trying to get by with what I have.

Its a shame, I dont like being unemployed. I have applied and applied for even the simplest jobs and don’t receive a phone call back. In order to myself to progress as an artist, I have to make money for submission fees.


I try, I hope, I pray(Im not even religious) for a saving grace to get me at least off the bottom of the toilet bowl to the toilet seat. I would even be happy with that. But with these rough economic times, and the worst job market yet for artists, I have to make by with what I have and what I can get.

This blog shares my struggles, gripes, bitching(I will refrain as much as possible), and moaning about what obstacles I will cross. But one cannot let it ruin their life, you just gotta keep trying. Keep trying, keep kissing ass, until one day you are guided to the light.

Im just gonna sit here, eat peanut butter(this is all I have to eat) and keep my mouth shut(because I cant open it due to the peanut butter). This is my strategy so far to get by. I am a coward for now, but I hope to be great.


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