My Down-syndrome Sister Lori And The Quest To See Her Once More.

My loving sister Loretta

My loving sister Lori and I

This is a photo taken a little over 2 years ago of my sister Lori and I. She has downsyndrome, and is quite possibly the sweetest girl ever. She is 34 years old, and surpassed her life expectancy by 12 years. I am currently in a situation where again, I have no money and no means of getting back home to see my sister when it matters the most. She hasnt been doing well lately, with a string of pneumonia attacks, blood infections and various other things.

Let me tell you a little bit about this amazing girl and sister. Her number one attribute is that she was a walking, talking jukebox. We love to play a random song(it doesnt matter what time frame it is from), and have her tell us exactly what artist did it, what the song name is, and what album it is from. Lori also is just fond of music in general, she will start singing and dancing when you play a song. She also was amazing at drawing unique pictures with only shapes and colors. Lori even loved to write, although sometimes the words were a little jumbled, you still get the point. Lori loved hats, she doesnt have hair, so her favorite accessory to her wardrobe was HATS! She had over 75 hats at one point, and all looked great on her cute little head. She loved getting visits from family, she would always prepare them with hugs, kisses and cards she made for them before they came. Lori was fond of visiting the beach, she loved the ocean air and being out in public which she did not to get to go out into very often. And the last and number one thing Lori loved was food! Lori loved all american food. Pizza, burgers, steak and ice cream. If Lori was given vegetables, she would feed them to the dog, or say she was full right when she made her way to the vegetables. Lori was not your veggies kind of gal.

Now Lori sits in the hospital, with a respirator and hooked up to machines. She is still conscious and able to speak, but her condition is deteriorating and she is slowly losing the ability to speak. No more does Lori adorn herself in her famous Hat collection, instead she has the option between 2 hospital smocks. No more does Lori have access to the good eats my family used to make her, instead she has the choice between hospital food and….hospital food. Lori likes to listen to music on the radio in the hospital, but no more is she our famous family jukebox like before. Instead she can nod at what is played to her, and maybe, occasionally mumble a word or two at what is being played. No more can Lori be the talented artist and creator of magical shapes and objects, this is due to the fact that rheumatoid arthritis has plagued her fingers and she is no longer able to pick up a crayon or marker. And it is sad that no longer is Lori able to shower you with love, kisses, and affection that you could once so famously expect when she greeted you with her kind face. Now Lori is unable to move her arms, and is bedridden for the rest of her life because she is unable to walk anymore. You now can expect a crooked smile from Lori, and maybe a word or two of excitement at who is visiting her.

This is the slow deterioration of my beloved sister that I have heard from afar, I have yet to see just how much my dear sister has fallen ill to. The last time I saw my sister, she was able to hug, kiss, and speak fluently. Im sure it would break my heart to see her in such a condition, but it needs to be done. But how can such desperate and required thing be done when no money is to be had. You cannot do anything without money anymore. I cant even get a car loan to go see her because my credit is in terrible shape from school loans. All that should be possible, is not. Instead, the sad fact is that I have to sit and watch my sister from a distance(of 5 hours) slowly disintegrate to her eventual death.  I dont know when it will be, but I have to face the sad, and teary eyed fact that it will eventually happen. And my biggest hope and wish is that I will be able to see her just once before she ascends into whatever high place she will be welcomed into.




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