I wash my Clothing in the Sink


Yep, its sad, its true, and its blatantly obvious that I am either lazy, poor, or something is broken. Well, the fact is, I have no money to do my clothing at the Laudromat, I dont have access to someones washer and dryer, and the best option to not smelling like shit is to do my laundry in the sink.

I learned it from the best. I grew up in a poverty stricken, low income family who constantly resorted to this method of doing laundry. If it worked for my family, its good enough for me.

When people tell me I smell good, I tell them I wash my clothing in the sink and their faces immediately drop to the extent of them judging me like I am some meth-head drug addict who spends all her money on crank, booze, and cook materials. WRONG. I am just a gal who easily can sustain herself by not having access to modern amenities,  and im BROKE!

So for any of y’all out there who are embarrassed by washing clothing in the sink or shower, ITS DIGNIFIED! It shows you are not trash, but high class! Heck, at least you are even washing your dang clothing in the first place! It shows you are not lazy, and you choose to not walk around smelling like a giant turd. You are the same as everyone else, and you save money too. So go get em, show them that you are no different than them….jerks. Dont judge me!


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